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Yesterday it seemed like a good idea to pop an oxycontin after a few beers and then go to work. Wheeeeeee! This dogface mutgirl who likes to hang around kept hanging around with her stupid eurotrash guyfriend and i’m all, don’t you have someplace to be it is 2am and you live in Scarberia which is ten jillion hours from here. And she is all, no i just wanna be here and meet everyone. Unnngh. Then it seemed like an even better idea to go to Fran’s about 4 in the morning and eat eggs florentine with eggshells innit and a reuben and other gross and disgusting things. i played loud rock and roll music on the jukebox to annoy everyone in the front of the restaurant. my nerves were bad so every loud noise made me jump and spill water or drop something on the floor. Our server was a douchebag with ten holes in his face and eminem-style hair. he fucked up my order. cab driver was a jerkoff who locked the window so i couldn’t close it any further. i’m like, come on, i know i’m smoking five cigarettes back here, still, a little compassion please.


So then i almost had a barf-attack at work every ten minutes but then the nausea would pass and i would fall over in my stupid shoes and drink bad coffee.

I will go eat something now.

Ooooooooh. Today is HomosexualModnite. Mebbe i will go to that. Mebbe.

and btw everyone i am not a lesbian. i just never write about all the boys i am having sex with because they would be insanely jealous and kill one another. i just like to write about girls a lot because they make me feel insecure, shy, stupid, inferior, nervous, ugly, fat..etc etc and i wish i didn’t act like such an obnoxious dork around each and every one of them.

These people are more my speed.

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