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Important Update the third

i just ate a whole brick of spinach most likely from the year 1975. what’s up Vitamin A + C!?

Oh, not much thanks.

Then i tidied up the furnace room a bit and i found these sad bastard lego things that were never opened so i put them together whilst eating brickspinach. One being an ambulance the other being a robot person. If you send me a fantastic electronic message that makes me not-bored and/or angry, i will personally mail you the ambulance. it is mega-cool.

Before all this, i folded my underwear and socks into tiny little fold-packages and squished them into my top drawer and then i went crazy and decided to empty out all my drawers of summertime slut clothing, put that shit in a bag and hid it in the furnace room.

i am still on a “i am the best cake maker in the world” high.

Now I will go take a bath and rub myself with the big pink loofah that looks like cotton candy.

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