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Today was is and right, feels like, the day without people. i was mega-bored. so i just made a cake – yep. strawberry chips and caramel and vanilla frosting and sprinkly things. i am too proud of it to eat it. it is pretty lopsided though. oh well. i’ll eat it for breakfast tomorrow. i saw Master T at the supermarket. he bought catfood. i also bought another one of them homies from the gumball machine and then this other dude spotted the minx and helped me figure out what to buy and not buy for my cakething. that’s about it. that was my day. oh right i worked. and i made french fries. did laundry. now i am drinking beer and mulling over whether i should take these white trash, get-me-fucked pills.

I don’t even know if the furnace dude came by and you know, i don’t care.

post-script: I found those glow in the dark star stickers on top of the fridge. score!

post-script II: I also noticed that i do in fact have cupcake baking tins on top of the fridge, of course after i made the cake. i kinda wanted to make cupcakes ’cause then i coulda walked around handing them to people and then feeling good about myself and generous.

post-script III: Coolhandluke wears a towel underneath his robe. wtf?

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