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I just realised the furnace people are coming today to service that shit. This means i have to stick around between the hours of 1 and 5. Well i guess it doesn’t really matter ‘cos i know the second they show up i’ll be in the backyard or the bath or whatever and i won’t hear the door. Story of my life.

$10 – pizza money

$80 – cabs

$10 – gift

$4 – breakfast

$55 – army shit

$3 – Burger King

$6.75 – TTC

$15 – gave it away

$35 – more cabs

$126 – jacket

$70 – Honest Ed’s

$6 – Tanning salon

$63 – Hat/scarf

$5.15 – Tallboys

$20 – steak and other crap from KoS

$20 – hair dye shampoo/conditioner

$12 – smokescoffeewater

$8 – sox

$19 – groceries

Where my money has gone over the past month. Well, only the purchases i can remember.

How do i dispose of a huge box of styrofoam puffs?

I’m pretty psyched to see i am sixth on the list when you search for homeless people and there dogs in toronto pics BUT i am more psyched to see that i am the only one who knows when to use “their” instead of “there” or “they’re”

i love my life.

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