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what i did for thanksgiving…

Hmmm. This isn’t as cool as that other drinking song/video but still, it’s ok. You might have a seizure from all the flashing things but then you start to relate to all the images and then everything makes sense. Trust me. the beer song

yes and by the way I am number 1 when you search for classy lazy fat impulsive – what the fuck do you think about that? I think it is a wonderful accomplishment. I do.
Unfortunately, I am only on the seventh page when you search for gross nasty fucked up pictures. Meh. Can’t win ‘em all.

Jamie was drunk last nite and called me at work from New York City. He drank three-hundred margaritas and the girl he was with hit on some guy or other and he jumped in a bush and then ran away. i dunno. i only pretend to be paying attention to people when they speak to me on the telephone around two in the morning. Jamie rules because Jamie makes
HOT FUCKING ART AND PHOTOGRAFFS and there are even some of me. i know i said this before but i don’t care.

I am done sucking your dick now.

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