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Someone is going to die. Someone is making clang clanging sounds in front of my house. Someone stole two of my ultimate favourite shirts and i only realised it today since i just hung up all my clothes. Someone honked their horn at me today over and over and it made me walk into a newspaper box. Someone stared at me on the bus and it made me nervous. Someone stole an important envelope full of money from my mailbox. Someone who works at the country style/variety store at college/dufferin is a hot asian girl who wears fancy clothes and looks like she should work for Holt Renfrew in a shopping mall. (She is not going to die). Someone told me i have nice mittens. (Also not going to die). Someone spilled hot coffee all over their left hand when they were trying to unlock the door to the apartment today. Someone’s bicycle is surely going to rot and rust away on the front porch because someone is too lazy to ride it and/or put it in the storage closet in the basement. Someone is going to die.

I think I might just be a hot GI Joe girl for Halloween so I can wear my new ultra-cool coat and boot-things and a helmet and smear black paint under my eyes and then if i cry i can look like ozzy osbourne. Hey Asshole i finally watched Dogtown z boys whatever last nite. I liked it. i want to be a surfer and a skateboard girl and have long crazy hippie hair and wear only cut-off shorts with rips in the ass-pockets and i want everyone to give me high-fives and call me ‘bro.

i wanted to share this, sticking-out-of-the-side-of-my-head piece of hair with you. Made me laugh. I think i need to wash my hair. Now.

We love the Homeless guy.

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