a teaser shot of goofy blue jays game photos with the asshole and company. we were tanked within seconds from our eleven dollar pints+ and i realised today how much of a fag i am for hot dogs and nachos. turns out the asshole is even more of an asshole than I am when it comes to telling people off whilst drunken bicycle-riding.

raymi: it’s not your right of way

the asshole: hey hey hey come on

cabby: hurry the hell up then

raymi: fuck you

the asshole: blow me you fuck

you cats totally have to come out to this. these babes, whom no one fucking cares about in toronto cuz you’re all dicks, are comin’ all the way from scotland to grace the silver dollar on spadina, NOT college as it incorrectly states in the flyer. Nick Flanegan will be there doing his awkward, knee-slapping stand-up, some other dj shit and most importantly i’ll be there – drunk and i’ll probably make out with you. why not. i have like, zero standards.

i went swimming today And i went down the waterslide. i actually left the apartment before dark. wow for me. i need to buy new clothes and new cds. new clothes definitely so then i can stop wearing my old gay shirts inside-out and cutting them down the collar like a fag retard.

swimming. best idea i ever had.

insult of the day, “no talent ass-clown”

this is my asshole friend’s new little page. i really hate him because it looks neater than mine and he was telling me about how he was going to start one and i was all yah whatever and didn’t believe him at all until just now, he shows me it and so yeh, i hate him for this. HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE MY WAY