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check out the tackiest couple ever. The main page will lead you to several gross and romantic galleries, poetry and bio pages. ik. for a moment you think this is so 1991 but no, it’s copyrighted to 2002. barf city. kevin and brenda. our romantic heroes. Yes, people like this actually exist.

I love you with the innocence of tomorrow. May you always know you are loved, Kevin. May you be aware and tap into universal peace at each and every turn. May you feed off the love I feel for you for it is real, pristine, and lucid. Thanks for coming into my life and enhancing the very air that I breathe. You are my angel. You are my light, and you are my love…… Sweetheart— I love you, I always have and I always will….. Eternally yours, Brenda

Know this always, my soulmate, I love you deeply and with all my heart. I’m well aware of how honored I am to be with you, and believe me, you’ll hear about it every day. Thank you, Brenda, for the gifts you give.

May I be the one who always shines with you.

your lover and soulmate, Kevin

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