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dude shit totally stole last nite. tropical drinkfest 2002 – won myself a fancy straw hat for having the best named mixed drink, “Your mother’s a slut”

fo’real. it had every such fag fruit innit. there’s a few photos floating around from the evening. hrmm. i managed to get myself in a bicycle accident just ‘cos i wanted to look down at my peddle and see if it had a reflector on it – causing front wheel to align itself in streetcar track, lurching bike forward and sideways, me trying to stop myself – seat in the groin and peddles slamming into shin/calves/knees and i sink my bike and self into a parked car for good measure. fuck. on my shin there’s a nasty, dry bloody gash. then i spilt green tea all over myself and the table at chinese joint. i rule.

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