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dyed my hair black with a hint of blue. nice shade. sucks that it stained my hands, fingers, forehead and neck. meh. it’ll eventually wear off. i hope. went to this mean little party last nite. challenged this dude who was talking shit to a dance contest in front of everyone. he went first and did this goofy little number. then i went and rocked it ’til the cows came home. the dude offered up a bourbon after that. i said no. don’t much like bourbon and also, i was plastered enough. geez, dance contest? come on. i have also decided to bring skipping back to the streets. wanna join my rock ‘n roll jump rope gang? it’ll be so dope. just wait. the first thing you’ll learn is the “skip attack” in which you throw your rope around someone and attempt to skip them to death. it’s gold. i tried to skip up the stairs and almost did a faceplant. pretty dangerous business.

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