So I have this new hobby. Drinking. Yep. I�ve decided to make it the primary focus in my life for the time being. No more cheap 6 packs for me. I�m gonna do it right. I�m moving on to saketinis, gin&tonics�Canadian Clubs n� coke�.anything that looks fancy basically, goes down the hatch. None of that cheap vodka for me. We�re talkin� about high-rollin� Stolichnaya. That�s right. If it tastes like gasoline � bring it �round. That�s my motto.

And the best part about drinking is smoking. A lot. Smoking of course, causes that bullshit cancer thing, but, whatever. Worry about that when you�re older and resigned to a life of old people activities. For now, you�re going to drink until your liver turns maroon and you cough up some tar. Cause everyone knows how boring nonsmokers can be. And annoying. Fuck. You have to accommodate for nonsmokers too with their separate rooms in restaurants and hotel rooms. Why don�t you all just turn on fire and burn like a witch. We hate you.

Anyhow, I�ve decided to drink because there�s not much else for me to do in this town. That�s really the gist of it. I have all the time in the world. Why not spend it getting soused?

The second best part about drinking is eating. But, you�ve got to be careful with this. You may only eat just enough to satisfy your palate. Otherwise you have a date with Ralph. You know what I mean. Right, so eating is great. Chips, pizza, peanuts – sweet lord. And then you can all agree to cook something like noodles or steak and the whole time you�re like man, I can�t wait to put all this shit in my stomach. Damn. And then after you do you get to have another smoke.

Dude, if that�s not heaven then I don�t know what is.

oh my god. being a bitch actually works, eh? now i’m gunna get more fun things in the mail. thanks guys.

on another note, i learned a valuable lesson last nite – don’t make your own martinis, eat lobster, have a few beers and a bloody mary, salmon cheese spread and a whole bunch of olives. You’ll barf your head off. I sure as hell did. fuck. I hate barfing so much. it’s quite traumatic for me. I cry and wobble around like an old lady and i scream. it’s truly horrible. you can’t talk to me either when i’m waiting to barf and you can’t pat me on the back. What sucks most about barfing is when you think the nausea is going away so you stand up and then it comes at you so fuckin’ fast and you’re like, wooooah and sit down again. At one point i’m like fuck this i am going to barf and i don’t fuckin care but then i start to wuss out and cry all over again.

anyway, i’m better now. i just haven’t eaten anything yet and i don’t plan to.

i was emailed this picture. it’s from this girl looks like me. it is astounding. I’m actually going over in my mind if i’ve ever been wearing whatever it is this broad’s wearing or was so plastered i don’t remember having my picture taken. anyway – see for yourself.

RAYMI Look-alike

last nite i decided i was going to dye my hair blond – so i bought a 7 dollar box of the crappiest dye ever. figures. Now I have a bright orange patch of hair right on the top of my head. i look like a frikkin’ rainbow. here’s me making my angryFace.

fuck you hair dye in a box.

so i got my origami kit in the mail that someone bought me from my wishlist. it’s fun. why doesn’t someone else buy me something. yes please. here’s the link again in case you missed it last time. stupid. come on i’m bored out of my friggin’ mind over here…..christ. it’s not like i’m asking for a goddamn cadillac.