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do u ever have one of those days where you go to yourself, “Fuck it. Today I’m gonna look ugly and I don’t give a shit.” then halfway through the day you change your mind cuz u see all these hot looking people and you get angry at yourself for looking like a slob but it’s kinda too late to make yourself look not ugly so you try to fix your hair and outfit a little but you end up just looking goofy? i had one of those days yesterday. it was laundry day and all my non-stupid clothes were being washed so i decided to wear these baggy blue corduroy pants and a huge dumpy t-shirt and my hair was in messy pigtails. i went to the grocery store and everyone else looked better than i did so i immediately got pissed off and stomped around the place swinging my basket around like a sea hag.

the end.

so here’s raymi in all her “i want to look like a boy” glory in Brooklyn this past summer. you can see the WTC in the background of one of the shots from the roof.MODRAYMI

you can also see a picture of antidisestablishmentarian pinching his girlfriend’s titty if you wait for the page to load and scroll down to the bottom. do it. Tittypinch there’ also more of his funny complaints too.

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