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alright so i’m finally adding some testosterone to this site. Here’s a guy I found a few years back during the height of partying oldskool. He’s a boy version of raymi, kinda. he likes to complain about random things and does a funny job of it. so be nice to him, or i’ll hurt you. read: Anti Says…

I�m noticing more and more, each day, how much of a kleptomaniac I am. I see something that appeals to me and immediately a little voice in my head says, ooh, you should take that. And then I map out possible ways of taking whatever it is. I don�t always do it, I usually just fantasize about having the said object and then I leave it alone. But sometimes I can�t help myself and I pocket the thing. Do I feel guilty about it? No, not really. I panic more than anything, expecting the cops to show up at my house or the storeowner to punch me in the face. Last nite, for example, it was a tiny little saltshaker that was sitting on my table at this Thai restaurant. It was just so cute, I really wanted it � of course I needed it in the least, but still, the voice said I should steal it. For the record, I didn�t take it. And good for me. The silly part is that I even said out loud we should steal it. The second that sentence left my mouth I realized how absurd it would be to steal a tiny fucking saltshaker when I�d just throw it in the cupboard and forget I even had it, and thus, taking it would be futile in every sense of the word.

me bowling in northampton and also locked-up in a real live prison. it’s true. click to enlarge

I hate paying for things too. I am such a miser with my money. There�s another reason why I always want to take things. It saves money. I love saving money. But I�m horrible at it. Just, horrible. I can do it for a couple weeks and then one day it�s like, oh, I have all this money, why do I have all this money? I should spend it. And then I do and then I get real angry with myself and I begin the whole process of saving money all over again. I�ll eat like two-dollar sandwiches and other cheap crap everyday, and then cook myself those noodles that cost like 28 cents a package and I�ll feel really great about myself for not spending any money. I�ll do this for weeks on end until my stomach wants to eat itself from the inside and I am weak from malnutrition. My whole philosophy would be it�s ok to starve because I have money to buy clothes and look good. I�d rather have something to show for my money than something I eat and disappears immediately.

i’m going to NYC for a l’il bit. i’ll let you know how it goes…..

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