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ok everyone i’m a big fat liar. not going to nyc. i’ve checked into my funds situation and have come to the conclusion that it’s not such a good time to go seeing as i’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on useless crap – thus, don’t have enough to have a good time in nyc. meh. good thing is i got myself a job thing. i start tomorrow. i’ll write a special letter to anyone who can guess what my new job is. it’s not the radio gig, ‘cos that’s a volunteer position. anyhow. i’m around. give me a shout. it’s raining today. and it smells like fish. i’m right near the atlantic coast so on misty days like today, everything smells like garbage or rotting fish heads. there was this old sketchy bum-dude hiding behind a tree in our side yard last nite. he was trying to talk to the cat. it was disturbing. and funny.

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