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alright i just spent too long a time trying to figure out the link to this greedy wishlist thing. i’m beyond frustrated & fed-up over it. i’ve figured out that when you click BUY RAYMI A PRESENT on the left-hand column of this blog, makes the page jump to somewhere else on their stupid amazon site – someplace i don’t want you to go to because obviously you’re only suppose to go to if you intend to buy raymi something. right? right. so in case one decides to look at my wishlist and see the things i want, you have to press BACK and that’s how you get to the friggin’ wishlist page. or you could do a wishlist search and type in my email i ‘m too scatter-brained right now to make it work. feel free to email me some advice on how to make it go directly to the wishylisty thing. someone better get me something after all the work i did. dammit.

ok so i’m going to NYC tomorrow. yes it’s true. i’ll be hanging with my slutty friend Genni. i’ll get as many pics as possible of me and her together so you can see all the action.

i made sushi last nite. well, tried to anyhow. i’m the only one who liked it. it came out all ugly and sloppy and tasted like salty seaweed more than anything. it’s alright ‘cos i really like the taste of seaweed and other gross things. it’s perfect for a spaz like me ‘cos i make one on the spot, pop it in my mouth then i make ten more. it’s so easy. half-assed of course.

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