The Quiz.

1: Name: Raymi

2: Height: 5�9

Have you ever…

3: Been kissed?: hell yah

4: Done drugs?: beep beep

5: Eaten an entire bag of Chips?: Can�t talk, eating.

6: Been on stage?: Yes. Name it, I�ve been there.

7: Dumped someone else?: Yes

8: Gotten in a car accident?: Yes

9: Watched “Punky Brewster”?: Yes I have

10: Been in love?: yes


11: Shampoo: Herbal Essence

12: Toothpaste: uhhh, every kind.

13: Soap: dove & Body Shop

14: Type of soup: Miso

15: Room in your house: the one with the television and computer in it

16: Instrument: battery-operated toothbrush


17.Coffee or hot chocolate: Coffee

18: Big or little: Gigantic

19: Lace or satin: lace

20: New or old: old men, new girlfriends

21: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt: hate them both. Jen has nice cans, though.

22: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt: Nicole Kidman & Gwyneth Paltrow

23: Vogue or Material Girl: Vogue

24: Jeans or cords: tight-ass jeans, beige corduroy jacket with fuzzy collar

25: Sweater or sweatshirt: Sweater

26: T-shirt or tank-top: tank-top, short-shorts and mullet

27: Skirt or dress: Skirt

28: Wool or cotton: wool socks, cotton undies

29: Rose or lily: lily

30: The way it is or the way it was?: the way it is with some oldskool

31: Oldies or pop?: both

32: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: I love bitches

33: Do you have a best friend?: nobody wants to be my friend

In the last 24 hours, have you…

34: Cried?: yes

35: Broken something: I smashed a squash on the floor on purpose. It felt good.

36: Bought something: yes. Smokes, beer, stamps, weather-stripping, clam chowder

37: Helped someone: I made nachos all by myself

38: Gone to the movies: rented movies. Moulin Rouge & Chopper

39: Gone out for dinner: Cappy�s

40: Said “I love you”: no, but I said I love beer.

41: Had a serious talk: yah, it was with this drunk guy who stands on the sidewalk in front of my house. �Some nice sun we�re havin� eh?� �Yep.� A very serious conversation.

42: Missed someone: Always

43: Fought with your parents: not in person

44: Fought with a friend: I don�t have friends but if I did I�m certain we�d fight.

Do you…

45: Wear eye shadow: Only if it�s light baby blue and lots of it.

46: Put on a “front”: Damn straight nigga. When my bitches be gettin� aw outta line I gotsta pull out �dem big guns an� stickit to �em raw dog, aiight. I be tight.

47: Kiss on the first date: Knocked-up

48: Have a crush on someone: yeah

49: Chew with your mouth open: uh huh.


50: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be: something black and fancy, in between my shoulder blades

51: What color is your floor/carpet in your room: hardwood floors

52: What was the last CD you bought: Jan Arden�s Greatest Hurts for my mum

53: How did you spend last summer: NYC

54: When’s the last time you showered: this mornin�

55: Are you tired: always

56: Are you lonely: sometimes

57: Are you happy: I’m not unhappy

58: Are you wearing pajamas: not yet

59: Are you talking to someone online: no

60: What is your astrological sign: Aries

61: What time is it: time for another beer

63: Are glad your breasts are small and humble?: Ok

64: name everything you ate today: chowder, potato skins, steak, cigarettes, beer, nachos

65: sport: hockey

66: season: fall

67: Do you pick your nose: often

68: eat it?: Definitely

69: Dive in or slowly submerge: Jackknife Dive

70: Quote: �Be not too liberal it doth belong; to dogs alone to fuck the whole day long.


today i smashed a butternut squash cause i was angry

it exploded all over my bedroom floor and made a disgusting mess

it was beautiful

MTV and VH1 are ruining my life. i’m turning into a zombie who doesn’t eat her first meal ’til 6 o’clock and shower til 8pm because she is paralyzed in her chair, watching stupid shows about britney spears and michael jackson. to me mtv is so flashy and new and fancy cause i’ve never sat down and watched it before. everyone else is like, “Shut the fuck up we’ve seen this ten times already.” i get all excited and moronic and literally don’t move even if i have to take a wiz.

i hate saturday afternoon people – they’re fucking everywhere: the supermarket, hardware store, garden centre – why don’t they just stay home and out of my way.

I saw martha Stewart today in the local coffee-hangout spot. she is just as annoying looking in person as she is on her dorky show.

Do you like Martha Stewart?

I don’t think Martha Stewart even likes Martha Stewart.

That’s why I like Martha Stewart.

i hate asking store clerks for help. they get all in-your-face and recommend every fucking thing on the shelf when all i asked for was face lotion. arrrr. anyway, i bought Battleships from wal*mart. i am so excited to play it. scrabble is kinda lame now. scrabble isn’t a game for me – it’s this long anxiety attack after another. i can’t even enjoy it because the only thought going thru my head is, “Must Win Must Win Must Win Must Fuckin Win.” And when i start losing i get all short and snippy, making very rude comments, while fidgeting and complaining about my letters. That and everytime the other person leaves the room i cheat like crazy.

don’t get me started on CandyLand.