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I�m in an ok mood now. I�ve been masturbating and reading all morning long. Well, it�s early afternoon really, but for me the morning isn�t over until I�ve showered and dressed for the day. Two o�clock in the afternoon is 11 am my time. I�m in one of those all-I-want-to-do-is-walk-around-in-my-underwear-and-drink-coffee, moods. It doesn�t occur to me that I haven�t eaten in two days. I guess I�m a bit of a headcase. I realized this not long ago. I am now a fine product of indifference. Nothing phases me. Meh. Whatever. I�ve amped the heat up to 73, I�m walking around hunch-backed in my slippers, messy hair, red t-shirt and underpants. The world is going about its way outside, without me. Good for it. I can get my shit together right here and not move my ass for 8 hours. I did eat a Boston cream donut before getting out of bed. It was brought to me, that is the only reason why I ate it. I�m drinking cold coffee now. It�s bitter and tastes all wrong and I�m loving every gulp. It�s a sunny day out and not very cold. I might take up chain-smoking again just because I can. Wouldn�t that be nice. To abuse one�s body as much as one possibly can. Ahhh. Talk to me in a few hours and I�ll be nice again. I promise.

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