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hurray. figured out how to get my archives up again, so u click on that little link thing and it brings u to a separate page, all nice ‘n fancy then u get to choose which archived month u would like to read from.

this is how cool i looked with my short little dyke haircut. i am so cool i am like all orangey red and glowing and shit. hehehh.

i’ve been playing a lot of Candy Land lately and i almost always lose. it is driving me insane. i cannot defeat and conquer this fucking measly little board game made for 4-8 year olds. ARRR. i think i’m cursed, that’s gotta be it. for sure. u see the thing is with this game, there is no dice, it’s these dumb little color cards u flip over and then u advance on to the next color square. it is not at all complicated. In fact, a blind, deaf, dumb lunatic could figure it out and THAT is why i am so fuckin’ pissed off everytime i play the effin’ game because i never win! Not even when i cheat. the only way i can justify losing over and over again is me being cursed or jinxed or hexxed, one of those weird spooky bad luck things. damn you candy land damn you to hell!

one more thing, go to ‘cos i am like their “it girl” writer, scroll down a bit and you’ll see a picture of my face, click it and all these dumb pictures will come up and old article things you might not have seen before. it’s kinda dated but whatever. look anyway.

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