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it’s been pointed out that i make a special face for when i try on hats. like i purse my lips and tilt my head in this gay little fashion. that’s my “i’m putting on a hat” face. or when i am dancing i make this, “i am dancing” face where i scrunch up my nose and squint my eyes. it’s suppose to be sexy. hmmm.

i took a spill yesterday. i was running toward the car unawares of this huge curb-like thing on the passenger side so i end up running into it full-force, creating this magnificent faceplant into the cement curb thing, dumping my bag under the car, bashing up my left knee, left elbow (which spurted blood) and left hand. and of course i cried like a four year old. everyone laughed at me. you’d be stupid not to. it had been awhile since a blunder like that. too bad you weren’t there.

a wanky site talkin’ about how wanky raymi is. pshhhhhaw. these guys suck, all they do is look around and feature other people’s shit. hi, lets make a website but not have any creative input whatsoever. yah yah, great idea. anyhow, the negative attention intended by this site actually backfired, my inbox is having orgasms. full of positive support and all that warm fuzzyness. thanks wanks. by the way, will be looking fancier very soon. it’ll be and’ll have a messageboard, community, more features, and more writers. so if you wanna be part of my motley crue, lemme know.

wanky suck my shit bitch website featuring raymi

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