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i am not a very smart person before 1 in the afternoon. i cannot make decisions. period. so i go back to bed and sleep off some dumbness. i decided to paint my toenails buttwasted at 4 am. it looks like i dipped each toe in pink paint and let it dry. purrfect. all i seem to do these days is walk around picking my nose. i fuckin hate shopping. it involves making decisions. i walk in and the first thing i see, i buy. done. i ask the clerkperson ten questions before the first question is answered. i am a walking anxiety attack. plus i hate crowds. and now since it’s gettin’ to be christmas time there are people every fuckin’ where. this makes me want to stay inside forever.

and then we decided to get shitfaced at one of those bar type places. just my luck i sit beside this sad drunken german complaining about this, that and the other. he’s all, “you know raymi, i don’t wanna hear your somber story becuz my brother lost 100 per cent vision in his left eye…blah blahhhh blaahhhhhhhh….” so we kept buying him drink after drink until he couldn’t talk anymore. we left. and then i painted my toenails until i passed out.

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