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ok so we have already seen this picture. however, i just watched the shining and i was disturbed to observe how similar i look in this picture to that of the freaky redRum boy in the shining. you be the judge.

i can’t believe i successfully carved my pumpkin without cutting off a finger or gouging the back of my hand. i baked the seeds too. they burned, of course. got my hair dyed/cut today. s’well as one of those manicure things and that hair that grows above my eyeballs – had that ripped outta my face too. they’re called eyebrows. after the lady tore off the cloths and the wax i asked her if i was bleeding.

“You no like the feeling of the pain?”

“Uhhh, not particularly on that part of my body.”

my mum insisted on the manicure and the wax torture session. not that i had a uni-brow, just cause, well, she’s a mother who likes to have hair yanked out of her body instead of shaving it off. i don’t care. the beautician lady told me that the hair of each eyebrow grows differently, like in different directions. great, i’m a freak. even when it comes to the directional growth of my eyebrow hairs.

“Your nails are so short. Do you bite them?”

No. liar

this is why I dye my hair, i do my own eyebrows and i don’t get manicures. it’s just not worth paying someone, to badmouth your beauty rituals for a couple hours. Although, the hand massage definitely felt good.

ok so i will admit, i do like how my nails look. and hair.

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