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so right now, my current obsessions are origami, cute stationary, hello kitty crap (stickers and shit), more stickers. i am currently satisfied with 7 moosehead in the fridge (canadian beer) a few lame smirnoff ice things and a lil bit o’ weed. i’m back in canada for the time being. livin’ with me mum. it feels weird to be back here and no matter how hard i try, there is no coherent way for me to describe this feeling to someone. i notice that we canadians actullay Do say eh all the time. i think i am saying eh more, now that i am back. maybe cuz i knew all my yank friends were just waiting for it to slip outta my mouth so they could laugh, and subconsciously, i dunno, i just couldn’t say it around them.

but now……

every other sentence has an Eh at the end. i keep thinking an american will randomly appear or something and start laughing. then i realize i’m back in CaNAdA.

you can’t get poutine or ketchup chips in the states. no wonder they’re all, um, sensitive and uptight.

when i was 6 i stole three packs of gum from Dominion Supermarket. my mum found them in my room and told me that i would have to go back and admit to stealing, then return them. Though, we were leaving for the cottage the next day so i was to do it when we got back, 2 weeks later. so, i was petrified the whole two weeks, obsessing about the confrontation that would ensue. my whole summer vacation, ruined. fucked. so, we get back after the two weeks, i am all prepared for my mum to drag me back to Dominion. days and days go by and nothing. i think she’s forgotten about the whole thing. Eventually i forget about it too, until the time i was snoopnig thru her drawers for change when i come across, a bazillion gum wrappers – all of the same brand i had stolen. my mum had been eating away at them the whole time, all the while causing me to be unnecessarily scared and guilty about it.

so mean.

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