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Interview with a prude……

Mr. John Tillison: So um, you want me to publish this story you wrote about you humping little girls on my christian website?

raymi:Yeh sure.

Mr. John Tillison: (Long pause) Ok, um, are you even a Christian?

raymi: I went to a catholic school, from kindergarden to grade 8. I went to a catholic highschool, but left after grade 9. To a public school, where you were not allowed to have any religious propaganda whatsoever.

Mr. John Tillison: Why did you leave?

raymi:well, i didn’t like taking religion classes and i had this teacher who encouraged me to question faith and to not take everything in the bible literally. he told me the bible was bullshit and all the stories in it were made-up. just so to prove that GOD is almighty and powerful and weird things like that.

Mr. John Tillison: That scoundrel ! Please tell me the school this man taught at and where I might reach him now.

raymi: Dude, no way. He was the best teacher i ever had.

Mr. John Tillison: I can tell you one thing Raymi, there is not a chance in high heaven that I would EVER feature stories of your calibre and subject my readers to. You, dear raymi, need discipline AND a new-found trust in your savior.

raymi: yah whatever, i’m bored of you already. i didn’t want to be on your psychotically christian, boring-as-fuck website in the first place. i am only using you as material for my slutty site. you should check it out someday.

Mr. John Tillison: No offense, but i am blocking you from contacting me on msn – ever again. goodbye.

i changed the name of the christian guy for his sake of privacy and yes, mr. john tillison is the name of all my teddy bears.

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