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went to lucky cheng’s last nite and sang karaoke with anita cocktail the transvestite. she grabbed my boobs a lot and danced when i sang VOGUE and FERNANDO.

she tole me she weighed 217 lbs and called me a superstar.

i am hungover.

2 nites ago i dreamed i was watching television and there were all these assholes standing in my way so i

screamed out in my sleep I CAN’T SEE!!! my boyfriend thought i sed I CAN’T SLEEP and was all, “You ARE Asleep. SHUT UP!”

i always feel very embarassed when i talk in my sleep and get caught. cuz you have to explain what you said and you always look like a tool.

Ariel from Disney’s, The Little Mermaid turned me on. I always wondered


she had a pussy under her green gills and if she would ever take the


from her tits off. I felt uncomfortable looking at beautiful women if


people were around. I was worried they could tell i was turned-on and

everyone was looking at me. It was different when i saw hot guys – i


and gaped like a dirty old man and told everyone i had a boner. Never


women – they made me feel shy and stupid.

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