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planet of the apes is the bestest movie! i was so scared and screamed thru the whole thing. there’s this part when one ape pounds the fucking shit out of another ape and it is so raw-dog. imagine falling into the ape pit in the zoo and being pounded by an ape. holy fuck. 6 fat black people sat behind us and ate popcorn very loudly and slapped their knees the whole time. this made me very very mad. instead of muttering to myself and giving them dirty looks i talked really loud and screamed out at the scarey parts and made ape noises. why do theatres have the AC up so goddamn high? i had goose bumps so bad they made little bruises. my flip flop fell off at one point and my bare foot landed in sticky stuff. i wear flip flops practically everyday now. when i get home my feet are so black and gross it looks like i have cancer feet. i am not allowed to go to sleep until i wash them with soap and water.

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