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whenever i bartend the vice parties i get shitfaced very early on in the game and then i start screaming at people and i am the only one who doesn’t realize i’m talking so loud.

laura petrie showed up dressed like a sexy little boy. we left and went elsewhere, then for pizza and the waitress was such a cuntbag we decided to steal the napkin dispenser.

later on went to karaoke in chinktown and this broad julie got cussed out for raising the mic to the owner’s head like she was gunna bop the bitch. i wastedly tried to explain that it was a joke and we were only trying to sing along with this drunken chinese dude the exodus song. and they’re like NO NO he NO know what he want he is drunk and chinese and he no understand you. he tink he want u to sing wif him but really he no want to.

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