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yesterday involved far too much alcohol. day before that s’well but i won’t get into it. went to coney island and drank drank drank. smeared cotton candy all over my face and then waited in line for the lavatory for 45 minutes. i thought my bladder was going to rupture. went to great lakes bar somewhere and got bored after 5 minutes then went to this partay on clinton street where we dance like tardbags cuz we knew nobuddy there and figgered we’d never see ‘em agen. once i broke out with the jazz routines and my frendz with the robot, it was time to go. again more and more beer and cigarettes. unnnghhhh. i slapped this girl’s ass, she turned around and thought it was my friend and gave him a nasty look. bwahahaa. found a spare tire and kicked it throught the streets of scarey town.

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