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my mum came into the shoppe and was filling me in on sum gossip about sum old frendz of the fam,

“Victoria has been dating a black guy for TWO years.”


“Yes, Black. and her mum sez, not only is he black, but he is B L A C K!!! and she’s like real ivory u know. Victoria gets really upset whenever someone sez something about it.”

“uh huh. no shit, i’d be.”

Then my mum gasps and turns beet-red cuz this black dude is in the plumbing aisle three feet behind us and obviously heard every word. ffuk. So, in the hopes of trying to remove the foot frum our mouths, i say,

“oh, THAT guy, they’ve probilly been frendz since kindergarden!”

but my mum goes,

“Uhhm like, i don’t think so RayMi!”

with an obvious this-black-boy-is-the-devil-no-matter-what tone of voice.

forgive her, there were no black people in her highskooL

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