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Classic drunk/stoned-person talk

No RaaaaayMi i LuuuuuuuuuuuuuRve YOO

i just realised that i like the sound of the tap dripping like you know when you turn it off but not all the way and so like there is a constant drip drip drip dripity drip sound and i figger that it is kinda sorta comforting and when the noise stops it is abrupt and i wish that it wouldn’t stop and that it would be wicked if it could keep dripping all nite long without it making the water bill so high, you know what i mean?

Lets be best FreNdz forever, oKay!? promise me you will never ever forget me and even though you say this now You MUST promise me that you meeeeeAn it cuz we say this rite now but we never mean it, we always end up not talking for a long long time

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