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so i get this silly link sent to me from my buddy in australia

go to

ok i say to myself, why not

You can Do AnYthiNg at ZomBoCom, the unaTTainable is UnkNown at Zombocom, the only limit is yourself at zombocom, this is zomboCom and welcome to you who have come to zomBoCom the infinite is poSSible at zomboCoM

if you like the sound of a sooooooothing, cheesy, german dude trying to hypnotise ya, go to zomBoCom

if you wait long enuff a link appears and you can sign up for a mysterious NewZletter – hey, maybe it will be from mr.Zombo himself! i signed up, unknownst of what’s to come. so i wait, twiddling my thumbs, in the hopes of an inspiring message from ZomBo

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