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“ok. whats hotter?”

a girl who can roll a nice joint and smoke with theboys while keepin chill as well as bein entertaining


a hot girl with big tits who wears a mini skirt at all times but is dumb as shit and doesnt smoke dope cause it makes her tired???

this is what RayMi thinks

the girl who is smart and can roll is better becuz she is most likely the better lay. hot girls just lay there like cold fishes cuz they think their hot/dumbness is enuff to get ‘em by. the girl who rolls joints is cuter and friskier cuz she’ll wrestle with you in her cute boy clothes and jump into a pool with you fully-clothed and then she’s all wet and hyper and ready to go. the “hot” girl is annoying and high-maintenance and a pain to be around cuz all she talks about is her clothes and what such-and-such is up to and she probilly never shaves her snatchHair. ew. the rolling-joint girl will let you show her your boner and will let you look at her pussy when she’s all baked and will sleep over with you and cuddle. the “hot”girl has to go home early to get her beauty rest and she is uncomfortable in her high heels and short skirt sitting cross-legged at the bush party and she can’t run and jump around with the rest of the boys, she has to stand there with her arms-crossed, sober as a stone and sighing. she is also a bitch and manipulates the dorkiest, loser of the bunch into driving her home.

the girl who rolls yer joints has the potential to be drop-dead-gorgeous when the time calls for it and u’ll want her more, kuz when you hang with sumwun who is a hottie and they look and dress like a hottie all the time, you are de-sensitized to it and eventually, they are not hot anymore. you are more appreciative of the rolling-joint-girl and her hotness when she gets all dressed-up and u eagerly run to hump and hug her cuz she’ll let you, the hot girl won’t let you kuz she has to be an open-card to all you boyz, cuz you must all like her and if it appears she likes one of you over the other than she is a failure and must branch-off to another group where she can hold u all in the palm of her hand. once you see the “hot” girl all dressed-down and casual like the rolling-joint girl, she looks out of place and still has her cake-face make up on and looks like a clown in sweatpants, all name-brand and squeaky clean.

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