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i sat beside this paki guy pervert on the bus frum buffalo to manhattan and ffuk
“you know, if you are wanting to sleeep u can just lie down on me.”
he saw me reading the new vice issue and his eyes popped out when he saw sum bare ass and asked to read the”BOOK” when i was done
he couldn’t read english very well at all but stared at every picture for 2 minnits
he disappears into the bathroom for 15 skarey minutes doing gawd knows what
i did not sleep a wink
then he gives me name and address to visit him in jersey.
yeh ok sure

9 Sanhican Drive Apt.#17A
Trenton, New Jersey

609 396 0771

give him a ring and tell him hi for me

i asked him whut he thawt about vice and he just leered at me and nodded like he was in agreement with me on sum secret thing. i read to him frum journal about all these stupid things i did over the summer in england and he sed my brain was very smart for my age. he was from sudan and sez it is not legal to have girlfrend there, you must be married which was a bad idea becuz that got me talking about how sum cultures treat their women worse than the family dog, genitalia mutilation and on and on. he barely understood me.

when we got to port authority he followed me to this diner place while i waited for my boy to come get me and i let him buy me a blue powerade and sum buttered toast and this is when he gave me his address and number.


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