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ever notice that when people get new cars, no matter what type of vehicle –
they instantly buy a new pair of sunglasses to sport whilst driving like they’re all bad
zooming around in their new SUV or whutever dullard car
they think defines them as a person
and adds meaning to their pitiful life?

one time my fillipino frend reNA ate one of her dawgs fluorescent green Dog biscuits cuz we told her to do it and she pretended it tasted good so we all wanted to do it. i sniffed the treat and was like, “ew gross.” but my other frend took a bite and got real mad Quick at Rena and sed, “you ffukin’ bitch liar. u sed these tasted good.”

i wonder why sum dog biscuits are dyed fluorescent green and yellow and orange? i remember they came in a big brite yellow box.

we use to steal rena’s dad’s menthol cigarettes.

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