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today in my business class i had to sit thru the most b o r i n g of presentations. my mind wandered all over the place i kood not in any way, pay attention….ethical this…whistleblower that…and on and on and on. I knew a few of the people in the group so my friend and i pulled faces at them and held up signs saying you suck or your balls are showing which we felt to be quite necessary considering. I know a little bit of sign language so i signed i like naked boys amongst random words and symbols. of course it was not understood what i was doing. meh. anything to get me by, i say. Then this pathetic girl behind me starts crying cuz she forgot her coat in her math class and i am like, “Shh, calm down. get it later. hey, is it ugly?” she’s all, “what so you mean?” “Well, would sumwun wanna steal it or is it beyond ugly and thus unstealable?” “IT’S FROM THE GAP!” then she storms outta the rume. hmmmmph.

we gave the group 60% which i thought was very generous.

i think this is the worst post i have ever placed in my blog.

i’m going to eat now and then off to hardware heLL.

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