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I learned that the femaLe anaconda snake can have sex with like 7 other snakes at the same time. that makes me jellus. Also wal-mart has robot-like self checkouts now. the wave of the future. I made myself a burnt griLLed cheese samwich tonite for dinner cuz i was waiting for a kall frum newYork. fone ring damn you RING RING REEEEEEEEnG! now i am about to watch Dog Day AfternOOn wif al pacino InniT. that makes me sorta happY. also i know i wiLL get Laid tomorrow. knowing that i am getting laid calms me down. Oh yeh. tomorrow i have therpay with my muther. we don’t know how to comunicate properLy without yelling at eachother. Really if u asked me, i think it’s my brother who needs the therapy. I am bloated fruM drinking all this blue Juice. I went to lava Last Nite.

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