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In honor of this story i will post a photo of me as a lil tot, age 7 maybe in a skimpy bikini.

One time when i was 12, my bro and i were the only kids advenced enuff to take lifesaving 3, swimming lessons (we were the only two in the class) and i had this total crush on our LifeGaurd. His name was Walker and he wore these John Lennon glasses, had a shaved head and had a fukkin’ Bod to die for. I dreamed about fukking him all the time. That summer i first saw him I went swimming everyday, from 1-4 and then 6 – 8.
(8 – 9 was adult swim) by the summer’s end i was so tanned that my doctor said i mite get skin cancer or something.
Anyhow, one day it was not busy (the pool) and so after our lessons, walker let me and my bro stay and swim, cuz no one else was there ‘cept for the other lifegaurd who had huge tits. i forget her name.
So, me and Walker and my bro played tag cuz we were bored and then i was it. My bro was in the deep end and Walker was in the shallow. so obviously i went after Walker and followed him. I remember he was wearing a lil red speedo and i could see the outline of his winky. so now me and him are in the shallow end and my bro is elsewhere and then i dove at Walker, he jumped back and stood up and the only thing i touched was the tip of his Wink cuz it stook out. like i more than nipped it.
I Goosed him pretty darnedGood
. It was purely accidental.
And you know what he sed? :
“Well then. I guess i’m it!”
Then he pushed my head underwater (i guess to help me not feel embarassed) but then i saw that he had the hugest erection.

nothing else came of it cuz i wuz 12 and he 20 or something. I went on to write him bad poetry and bring him candy and do stretches in front of him wearing my skimpy bathing suits.

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