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Well — i went out with this psychoHose beast frum my dirty past, last nite. We went to Dick’s, me, her and her boyfriend, friend and sister. She is a viciously bad drunk and slutty as sin. for privacy’s sake i will refer to her as ‘the beast’ . The beast and us sat down at a booth and everyone ‘in the know’ orders cokes ‘cept for me cuz i am
not ‘in the know’ and then the beast pulls out a bottle of Bacardi for fucksake. So i am enjoying my glass of lemonwater. mmmhmm. the beast gets all tanked and starts to dance and dance and dance around the room like a flooze, all in front of her boyfriend. this black dude with dreadlocks comes up to me and asks if she’s ok cuz she’s standing on a stool and bending over for all to see and it’s disrespectful to her boyfriend. no no, she’s fine, i say, she gets like this when she drinks. then she sits up at the bar by herself and chats up this ugly old guy and he starts buying her drinks and she’s like, “Do you think i’m pretty?” and her boyfriend is being very very patient with her and not saying anything. The beast’s sister goes up to her and tells her to stop, and do u think the Beast appreciated that? HELL no. she goes into this violent rage of throwing shooters and screaming at her boyfriend,

“You jeLLus asshole! I hate you! you are SUCH an aSShole! don’t touch me! don’t touch me! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!!!!!!!! BLarrrGhhhhhGGgggggghhhhhhh!!!!”

and so on…..

so then the bouncers kick her out and she scratches them in the face with her claws. rrrrrOWr. everyone was staring and watching and laffing at her, shaking their hedz and she goes, WHUT THE FURK ARE U STARING AT!? the muzik was turned down as well. ufff.

It was all very embarassing and there’s lots more but i don’t wanna get into it now agen cuz i am hungover and tired and annoyed and i am on my way Downtown for NewYear’s and shtuff. so happy day, or something.

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