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I bought all these new sluttY cloze to wear frum Le chateau. everything was 50% off ! man. I had forgotten how much i lurved shopping. I ran frum rack-to-rack, tearing cloze down and piling them up. There was a limit of three at a time in the changeroom, but i sed to the guRL;

“Listen, i am going to impulsively spend lots and lots of money here and you will collect comission on it. So, please do not interrupt me and be around for if i need your assistance.”

and it werked, uv coursE. I am not going to say how much i spent cuz it was a ridiculous amount and i am going to regret it tomorrow. meh. I’ll just go by my motto in England when i had only 50 pounds a day, ‘I’d rather look cool with new threads and starve than look like a dweeb who has money for food.’ That and it will motivate me to charm men and get them to buy me drinks. Oh yeh, i bought these huge chunky shoes and i am going out to bust a move tonite for the first time in a LONG time so i just know i am going to fall on my ass and embarass myself. durr.

I am never this shallow and you all know that so do not judge. thaynx.

stay tuned for when i will rant next about all the stupid things stupid people write on bathroom stalls. Argh!! that REALLy annoys the shit outta me!

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