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LawRa, you should start a knitting yahOO club. really. Since i am retarded and cannot even fiNd a boy/gurlfrend, my advice would do u no good.

all i can say is, never ever ever date anyWun who makes you feel bad or insecure or is posessive and asks like nineHundred questions oh yeh and also is annoying and snores and takes all yer blankets and talks during movies or makes noises during movies…hmm, maybe this is why i have no boy/gurlfrend. nah, kuz, they usually don’t find out how much of a witch you are until like a month into it.

anyhow, Raymi discovered that Dristan and Alcohol are a bad Combo. I saw’re a film ‘crouching tiger:hidden dragon’ after having 2 dristan and 4 drinx and I thought someone was kicking the back of my chair the whole time when reaLLy it was only the poUnding of my head. felt like sumwun was tapping a tambourine against my SkuLL. also, i had to read the subtitles the whoLe Effing time. in the end it wuz woRth it. Raymi wants to be like a Jade Fox.

Got called-in to werk in the ‘ol hardWare store today, at 10. was very slow and all i did was take apart staples, one-by-one, until i had a handful of staples and then i lined them up all nice, and then i threw them in the garbage.

raymi is addicted to the home version uv Who wants to be a millionaire. Didja know that Rhode Island is the smallest state in area, or something like that ? FiNaL answer final answer final answeRRRrrrrrrrrr……….Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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