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here is a roast Pig. wuz served to us starving students in OxforD, though, 2 thirds of ‘em were jewish and/or vegetarians. meh. more pig For rayMi

Haven’t been here in awhile, now. meh. I apologize. Krismus wuz dysfunctionaL this year, as per usUal. I sit there, receiving gifts that are to ‘Add’ meaning to my life. I still am not certain what to do for new year’s and that troubles me. i feeL this tension and anxiety every new year’s and this oBligation to do sumthinG spectacular when every year it’s Krap and i get bored and wish i wuz at home. But wHen i stay home i wish i were out. Damn vicious CycLe. Maybe i’m juSt blue. mayBe i am just Lazy. Anyhow, here are my resolutions for the New year — Therapy (get to the bottom of all this anxiety) Weed (buying a quaRter 2Morrow, asap). No more meaningLess Se x .

Rite now my head hurts and that blast of Aspirin aNd childRen’s tylEnoL helped me to no End. it’s 4 36 am and i Kan’t sleep.

Q: If you kood be any animal, what animal would you be?

A: You already ARE an animaL.

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