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Ward was diagnosed with a learning disability at a very young age, now known as A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). Which is very accurate cuz he often will be telling me a story then completely lose train of thought and skip to another unrelated story.
When Ward was a little brat he would constantly ask his parents stupid and answerless questions ie; Why do cats meow? Why does it rain? How does a TV work? Why can’t you breathe in Space? Why is ice, cold?
One time Ward was impatient for his mum to get ready to go out to the mall and he was anxiously trying to persuade her to get her ass in gear but she was watching the Blue Jay game. (How horribly lame is that?). She said; “No Ward, wait for the Jays to finish playing, we have to give them our encouragement.” Ward was like, “OK.” He looked at the screen and saw the pitcher; David Cox appear, with COX emblazened on the back of his shirt. Thus, for encouragement, Ward belted out; “YOU SUCK COX!” His brother started laughing at what he had said, but Ward didn’t get the jist of it.

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