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My friend Ward one time let his brother and sister dress him up like a girl when he was a little tot.
They put sparkly make-up on him and a wig and a big ugly flowery-printed mama dress and they wheeled him around the neighbourhood in their lil red wagon. They introduced Ward to all the old people on the street as their little sister Wardette. The stoopid thing about this story is, Ward let them do this.

Okee Dokeee

-Ward is 18 years old and already has a bad credit rating.
-Ward’s favorite song is; ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’ By R.E.M.
-Ward thinks his ’94 VW Golf is the shit.
-Ward laughs like a goat.
-Ward always manages to spill gas all over hisself whenever at the pump.
-Ward loves oriental chicks.
-Ward is easy to persuade. He would drive you to the mall and then buy you something.
-Suitably enuff, Ward’s favorite movie is ‘The Stupids’
-Ward alphabetizes his CD collection.
-Ward makes his bed every morning and every nite b4 going to sleep. Why? I dunno

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