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HERE IS SOME MUSIC I AM INTO RIGHT MEOW. Sorry I yelled. Figured if I’m too zonked to make blogging happen at the very least. This.

Hot off the presses (only as in I just heard this but I follow is a song of my bf’s and I’s… sigh). Obsessed with Lykke li too.

I sang this one out loud a lot today, and played air keyboard when I waited for my K-cup to brew. Then, I did air guitar rock stance.

Angry girlfriend anthem music. This helped me focus on some copy today. It’s all music to work in offices by. Work bestie and I send music to one another on the regular. When we finally have time for that music show we will never have time for I will let you know, but hey this is kinda like it now so, win!

On a hot chip kick right now too.

This song. This video.

Go to 1:00 and see him skate, it is beautiful and surreal. Just listen to the whole damn thing.

This one just gets better and better then it really kicks in at 1:45. Also, stands the test of time.

Beck’s new jam.

I am running out of commentary. I have a ponytail headache. Okay PEACE! I may add to this post so check back.

ps. That title is another raymi original.


  1. Seriously needed some diverse tunage and stumbled across your epic blog post.
    Thanks for the new tunes I’ve never heard. Totes played the first track so many times, I went and downloaded it haha.
    And the last one is going on the gym playlist for tomorrow :D

    Keep on rocking it raymi!

  2. I already have another music post in the works. I am the paris hilton of djing. Like top five world dj’s She actually said that bahaha.

  3. that’s the point maybe (although they’re nothing alike lol), if i like a song a lot i want to hear it a lot or similar songs to it, on account of the loving.

  4. good to see the hoop earrings are BACK! that comedy books looks like a parody of a book. is that the point? i’m in an office eating potatoes! hope ur well n hotttt.

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