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Sunday is the day of blogging. If it’s not for drinking Irish style. I just uploaded 70 photos it does take a lot of time to do. The day went by and now it’s 4:20 haha. I want to go work out with my bro so I’ll come back to this post likely after our work out but I may as well put something down. I am happy to report that I have lost weight, am on day 10 or 11 of my diet and I’m in the ketosis euphoria state of being aka MANIA it’s radular!! Plus my ear medicine is helping my metabolism (bonus) and um, I’m just happy now. I like being single. I’m appreciating it more. I love company don’t get me wrong but I just “have a lot going on” so it’s kinda easier to be focused when you’re alone.

You think you’re cool cos you live in Toronto? You’re a bitch because you live in Toronto. #futureburn. I love these clean lines, the uniformity don’t you? I met Paul Stanley standing right here basically I was 16. It was a moment for sure.

Time to pump iron brb. These are going to be the weirdest collection of pics ever lol sorry.

Hey I’m back. I feel great. Leslie I am taking you to this joint next you’re in Toront-ho.

I am predictable. I like what I like my comforts are my own, I seem to habit the same haunts. I forget that this place sometimes gets severely underneath my skin too though, especially tourist Saturdays.


Obvi I’m polluted in the bathroom of Weslodge classy like holy vortex that night.

Vodka soda grapefruit bitters I’m so gaddamn bored of vodka sodas they hooked it up.

This place is amazing…ly dark.

Before that dirty martinis. Bit heavy on the vermouth just saying I am a connoisseur of martinis thanks to three months in Maine.

Tres Hell’s Kitcheny. Likey. Great service and manners, style.

They let me charge my phone.

Oysters before that.

Ceviche before that. AMAZING. Celebration Peruvian ceviche. Grouper, red snapper, scotch bonnet. #rodneys

I’m five pounds lighter since these.

Groovy idea.

A guy stared at me like bananers the entire time I was too afraid to tweet about it because I was scared he recognized me because he was staring at me so hardcore and I didn’t want him to see in his feed GIANT GUY WITH GIANT STARING PROBLEM. But I also kinda liked it I got an adrenaline confidence boost that just kept coming, it was a powerful outfit I wore like a starlette superhero. He watched me do my nails while listening to music. Each time I looked up he was looking it made me feel annoyingly busted.

Well when I look like an eccentric freak I can’t really blame people can I? I made the tv, network? station owner speechless and he’s never speechless they said. Being in full-on ketosis euphoria aka mania was hilarious, lots of energy, nervous nervy energy. I want it so bad. We will have to wait and see.

Lots of blurry photos lately oh well. It’s like a filter of its own.

Scottish claymore sword on my grandfolk’s piano is a gift from me from Quebexico City during an almighty Quebender I wonder if I can write about that someday.

Please more blurry thanks can you guys get this straight.

Belly belly belly rub it asshole. Haha. This dress always kinda fit oddly which is why I never wore it. I’ve never been a medium well not for a long time so I don’t know what to wear to accentuate but also I’m cool with my body it’s getting fitter every day now I am like a cyborg day eleven of diet. Drinking less. Blabbity blah.

More stills from the Mark Loughman video.

Bumped into her out here in a pub one sloppy night it was hilarious. Gonna jam with them for the video release party Tuesday. Dunno if it’s this Tues or next.

Me and colleague. We auditioned for Canada’s amazeballs race but I don’t think the video was sent in on time either way I don’t care anymore lol. he said I was fat GRRR.

I had a teeny swipe.

I taught her how to cook I was like I got work to do make me this but then it turned in to me cooking anyway too but she followed all of my directions and this was the best batch ever. We had fun and felt that no one even deserved to have our exquisite smoked jerk turkey vodka sauce broc. fry but shared it anyway and they were blown away too. Think I’m good with the smoked turkey for the rest of the year though haha. I bought two drumsticks for $4.40 and a dude cruised me twice and I was like MOM what is going on here it’s raining peen on me and she said it’s my bun, it’s confident.

The nut doesn’t fall far.

Winter uniform. I was soooo elated to get in to this thing. And I was extremely happy about how skinny I looked.

Bought these for Hailey. She collects Seventeen. I felt bad for taking so long to get home being a lush at the Irish pub on Yonge I forget the name.

My bro has a sweet tooth. I could not resist. I just I dunno. We are insane. My family is insane that is all haha.

I don’t even think I’ve ever held a new fifty before.

Love the underground in the winter. I just like underground period it’s like the ninja turles baha.

Another blurry friend. Sigh.

Spring is ultra near. Drawn to this colour. Isn’t my camera phenomenal?

Then I learned I had the power of an iphone all along I am an idiot.

Adored our waitress she made up for the bitchy one we had at Rodneys.

So pale. I went for a lovely tan after the gym in the gym and they gave me it for free. So blessed some days eh.

Super wanted to die here so tired but trucker through and felt cozy relaxing and decided to stick around town a bit longer no problem.

Never underestimate the power of sunshine.

Trying to teach how to hold the camera steady.

Clearly things started getting sorted out here lol.

Phoning the rest of this one in they rented the new Batman. Saw it in the drive-in already and another time I think but whatever that shit rules I feel I could easily eat another pound of salt and pepper wings omg those were so good. Stopped myself at spinach dip good girl. I’ll likely make a warm salad.

Later zeroes, love hero. j/k But about which part!!!? xox

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  1. Rewriting the code. Now I just blog whenever I feel like though I do try to adhere to the work week sched but if I can’t I don’t beat myself up about it.

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