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Rayme Jam

Thanks sender-inner Taylor! I love this a lot.

Standing in a massive puddle. Living large. Happy Galentine’s Day! Sorry for being a shitty blogger. Except I’m not all that sorry. I dont know what I’m afraid of. It’s hard to get back in to the bloggy groove plus I have other things (classic liexcuse) on my plate so “whatever”. I guess I’ll fill you in to be nice though cos thats what it is that I do. I’ve been thinking about getting in to stand-up comedy again. For a second time. Ha. I feel like I need to take it to RL. Real life. The other big RL other than Raymi Lauren. I feel like my humour translates way better there and that I should just fucking do it maan yeah thats what I thought on Shannon’s couch when I couldn’t sleep at 4 in the morning, after Gypsy Sisters (more on them later). Not even hung today surprisingly either. I have more energy lately maybe those diet pills are helping or maybe not sitting on my ass in front of tv/laptop. Anywho, FUCK the internet basically it’s been.

Then, in the kitchen I said before bed, what if my comedy schtick was being super disgusting funny, like a pig, how dude’s talk. Then I’ll go (this is all my stand-up notes by the way) into elaborate detail about how a looong hair was caught in my pussy and how it was like almost a pink raisin strangling paper hair cut slice incident extracting it (this shit happens after showers, trust) except the hair always breaks, it always breaks before a piece gets turkey bound too tight cos it’s not a very strong hair to begin with as it already snapped out of someone’s (probably mine) disgusting head AND you can always tell when it’s a head hair stuck down there because it’s foreign feeling, other. Now, Think about how crazy the (HBO) show Girls is written (and real) and how wildly accepted. Long story short, BRO, I am writing fucking insane from here on out okay so deal with it.

What else did I think about while I laid on my friend’s couch other than how stressed out I am about everything, writing deadline, going to nyc friday afternoon, have to take a selfie of self, (am fat hate self :( ugh) and also how much of a loser I feel like for sleeping on my very good friend’s couch except when it’s your girl’s couch it’s not a dude’s bed, so. So relatable right meow right.

ANd my hair is awful. But it will be amazing. I will have tumblr girl hair soon and it will be au natural. I am coming back from being platinum, no easy feat. Well look what happens. But my roots are out of control what colour is that? Sadness?

Hahah. Okay this is a grower post I’m hanging with Shannon and we are consulting right now plus I have a conference call blowin’ up my phone brb. Ok just joking someone is texting me lol.

More gossip soon I promise.

Okay I am back now. last night was fun and cookie filled always nice to visit the city yes yes. I’ll write more about the event tomorrow. Lets just say I ate a lot of cookies and they were awesome. We woke up and ate more.

Prob phoning the rest of this post in. Definitely.

It’s been a long ass winter. I’m excited for the bout of traveling I’m about to embark on.

There’ll be some upcoming RTM guest bloggers too. Be nice to them.

Me and Duncs in Florida. I am 2 1/2.

Alright enough procrastination. Remind me to do my thing on Woody Allen please. I assure you it won’t be worth it. Tootles.

Supposin’ you’ll be wanting to hear about this time too.

Selfie time for the big boys now. XO

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  1. I hope you don’t get provoked again, your boots look darker, Did you saddle soap them or put boot grease on them or are they just wet in the picture?………g

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