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Snowed in

Maaatching watch FUCK YEAH Thanks so much

I love octopus.

I’m gonna wear these duds all over Aruba. Where I can be a freak freely. Where it doesn’t make any sense it makes perfect sense! Do they have any Hooters there?

Beef cheeky. Staring in to the eye of the @grandelectricto taco storm. #beefcheek is my jam.

Courtesy of my brother bless him but stop doing this to me I have no will power at all.

Nighty night.

Put your phone or music device in a jar to amplify the sound in a jam. Jar Jam. Trademark that shit yo.

My bro loves bourbon.

El borracho #thedrunk yeah no shit right.

For Bech. Half of it accidentally went in to my mouth bringing it back to her.


Oh lala.


4 thoughts on “Snowed in

  1. is that from grand electric? i visited TO last weekend and ate there Saturday night. absolutely delicious. great place.

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