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bad blogger says hi

I have a surplus of to be blogged photos piling up. My niece wants me to send pics from may 2-4 boating day no time no time! I feel bad. Also now I am sick as a dog. Time to slow down I guess? I’ll just start in the middle until my eyes go like this o_O and then I’ll take a nap. Nap attack Jack!

Lela’s plants that are probably spices.

Booboodoodoo 1 and 2 and 3 on the scene. I’m the third with the camera duh.

We didn’t know if her roommie was home. Turns out she wasn’t but came to to shush us up anyway once she got back. I kept saying how very eastern euro of her.

We weren’t even loud or playing music. She just wanted us out by eleven. FINE BYE.

Sweet digs.

Also sweet.

I was giving contradictory and copious guy advice to this girl here, hope she takes it!

Evidence that I am not too big for my britches, bitches.

The feeling is mutual!

I was longboarding all day so I look a bit messy. Hot mess trainwreck station choo choo.

Retro Raymi moment, on a balance board in 2005. They’re good for indoor practice. Can be dangerous. I dyed my hair blond immediately after this photo was taken and f-d it up, huge mistake. Hanging out with guys they are not the best colourist tip givers.

Hi girl bro.

Look how cool I am being! Amplified by Lela’s inherent coolness too, think they call that a coolness squared back home (no they don’t).

Poof I’m gone.

Oh great it’s Rebecca’s new look. NOT.

Rebecca you look my little brother. You are Benjamin Button. Rebenjamin Button. Blaha. I am running a fever so watch out.

Mad bro?

Rebecca did not want a moustache ride from him. They were french. Are french.

Apparently you need to be an astrophysicist to figure out mystery camera.

Not me though I got that shit on lock down.

I give up.

This is what you see when the keymaster lets you in and then you must answer a riddle.

Or just take my picture.

And here I am getting dissed. It’s okay I am used to it. Actually no this cat is dope and says hello to us all the time. It’s like hey where is that cat why hasn’t it come by yet? Oh there it is, what’s up, meow? Bech says it’s a short hair version of chi chi no no mushy mush (yes actual name) it’s crazy how my vocabulary has been infected with all of stupid’s dialect and combined in to one giant clusterfuhk of insanity. Hey it’s a living.

People dig the card. Tim (my d-ball teammate) wants some for his archives cos he’s featured on it. He’s the one throwing that annual giant hipster bash at 159 Manning. I will def be there with the girls. Make sure you reserve a ticket. Everyone will be there.

To the bar!

Pasta eating attire. I got grease sauce on it, boo. Vespa has happy hour mon-fri I shouldn’t even be telling you this information!

Cheap bellinis and free apps why am I still talking???

I can gladly OD on this.

I didn’t have pasta eating guilt because we shared and I filled up on bread and apps so then I didn’t even finish my half, but I got the pasta craving out of the way good and plenty. The pesto is better than the fettuccine IMO.

Tons more of these. Also there is mystery camera to deal with oh brother. I am not going to touch it until I get all the other shit out of the way first. My uncle gave me zero advanced notice that our presence was requested on the boat so it was an interesting and stressful surprise waking up to a billion missed calls and then booking it out there. next time call me the night before jesus christ.

Jules I hope you don’t catch my cold. Yolo?

Look at the pink sky. J’adore.

We were snap happy all day.

Not as many fish this day though, maybe cos it was overcast?

Weird blurry camera action. Some of our pics came out uber weird.

See Jule’s face.

Sigh. Being Italian has its advantages. Also, being 20.

We threw everything back in. Now, I’m not really into the inhumanity of this stupid “sport” but everyone does it so I just keep my trap shut. As you get older you should let go of getting angry all the time you can still try to change the world and do good but you got one life to live, don’t spend it nagging.

Have a shot instead! (drink responsibly folks).

These glasses are MIA on that boat or in my bag, I hope. Mom show Mike this photo please.

These guys were friends of my Uncle’s assistant. They were all like why were you late and I was like why didn’t you tell us last night?

I can fish. Not surprised right, pretty messy and tomboyish but I don’t like holding them before throwing them in, so slimy and I’m not confident enough to hold it steady, my nerves shoot right in to the poor thing and it starts to wobble like cray plus I’ve seen lots of cuts and blood, no thank yew.

It was a really fun time. I have to blow dry my hair now it’s turning to hay. My teeth aren’t dirty here it’s the blurry photo quality’s fault.

ps. make sure you rsvp and buy a ticket (cheap) for the Street Fighter costume party I’m a celebrity judge at: Open bar, food, film screening, free Taekwondo lessons from a 5x provincial champion!!! Kay bye. No wait aaan don’t forget the media premiere of High School is tomorrow at 10m I still have tickets for interested stoners out there.

6 thoughts on “bad blogger says hi

  1. so many pairs of sunglasses worn on the boat LOL!! HI HI HI I finally have some internetting time.

  2. Love the pasta dress — and some dish soap on the grease stain rubbed in will likely get it out (it’s worked for me before, but not a flawless trick. Mine was also on hamburger grease, yum).

    That moustache on the French guy is amazeballs. But I have to say, I’m thankful I never have to shave my face. Yikes.

    “Hanging out with guys they are not the best colourist tip givers.”

    THIS. I told Thomas last night I want to be Claire-from-LOST blonde this summer and asked what he thought of the colour. He looked and said “…yup. It’s blonde.” Guys are hilariously blind to this stuff. But, I have to give him props; he noticed the roots were gone after the dye came off and he came home from work.

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