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free falling

This was surreal. Pouring myself some coffee and will be back to rap a few with you kids cos I know you’re jonesing. I am totally Friday exhausted so don’t expect too much.

This is a photo of a photo. I am going to have vertigo nightmares tonight I know it.

Yes I look like shit, but I passed the breathalyzer! ZERO! WHAT???

That’s me out there. Ruling.

First time up EVER. Way to do it, go big or go home, crying.

I have conquered the CN Tower, what else is there to do in this city? I have a DVD of the whole thing so I’ll get that online somehow. Kristy our guide was hilarious and insane, the whole thing is gigantically insane, has to be, you’re on the top of the friggin’ CN TOWER!

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