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lumberjack lesbian chopping down trees crushing fairy dreams

holy eight years later much? the teacher dropped me off here, this was weeeeks ago when everything was in its infancy of driving him insane stages.

took hours to translate the vision of put this in front of your face tarek.

hi this is me. i’m here. check my name off please. i am in attendance. validate me now.

this is how we got dranks.

i’m a great kisser. april was crap.

lesbo bait.

tarek you are the best can’t wait to see you tonight.

that was a fun party. i lost ten dollars and made a joke about that all night to april. maybe i should call and ask if they found my ten dollars? then i found it the next day in the form of toonies and loonies in a tiny inner purse pocket hahaha.

oh and ladies and gents this is the hottie behind the camera of these photos. yuh-um.

jason is seen here modeling one of tarek’s bags. i want one of those.

i think i could pull it off for sure also perfs for this summer.

this was a test for me. look at me smacking my maw. i only succumbed to a bit of icing. just a bit. jason was like a diabetic fat fuck on these we were concerned. he had ten pieces. it reminded me of my sugar binge of last spring. girl is watching her figure now son. i’m going to be in a shoot for a big brand clothing company (as background)(ha but STILL) soon, so.

maybe see you twerps tonight at this? socialite thursday in effect.

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