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awkward lipstick tip video

for some reason i am whispering so you have to blast this. my delivery is pretty bad, i over thought that you may recognize me line way too much obviously. this is proof i should always drink before getting on camera. this was my second try at it too, the other day i made one in the bathroom and the sound of my voice was so loud in there it made the audio fart a ton.

lipstick trick tip from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

basically do that ten times like a crazy person apply it like you are a 4 year old sneaking your mom’s vanity dresser. bye.


psst. The Dunes CD release party is at the el mo tomorrow nite and they’re playing with Ambisonic & Big Ideas, starts at 9 so be there ya square!

8 thoughts on “awkward lipstick tip video

  1. All your awkward lipstick tip served to do was remind me of how much I mishu. Also, that I still have a prezzie for you and no postage yet (it’s because I suck and procrastinate).

  2. You are adorable in when you are all quiet and explaining things.

    I do not get the applying it ten times and wiping it off trick, but if it makes you and Cindy Crawford happy then it must be good.

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